The happiest country


That’s cool. I was just thinking about Switzerland earlier this evening, or rather last night now, and all the advantages of their political system. Their system works much better than ours in a lot of ways

Less crime, all that good stuff


Such a small country wins over the bigger, its surprising.

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yay finland!!! :slight_smile:

Im from Denmark. It’s a very well structured society but you have to live with a lot of governance control (you pay around half of your income in taxes).

Sometimes it’s a bit boring. Im fascinated by the spirit and culture in USA. I have never been there, but i would like to.


The biggest mistake Canada ever made, in my humble opinion, was letting our military slide. We made ourselves reliant upon the states for military protection, and it is just not dignified. At one time we had one of the best navies on Earth. Now we’re down to skeleton Crews


Who was the person responsible for deciding that the U.S. had to be the military might not only for itself, but for the rest of the free world? I think that sucks.

I was in the U.S. Air Force for two years and I never fought in any of the U.S.'s foreign wars. And I’m glad.


I think that both the NATO and the EU play a big role in today’s world. The EU has been a good thing I think.


I know that Scandinavian countries are very developed. An example for all countries


it can’t be truly proven surely?

@pedro27 happiness can be so unique. I am happy to wake up early in the sunny morning, going to the beach and watch the sunrise and listen to birds singing, this among other things makes me happy. For some other people the happiness may mean totally different. As long as you are happy.


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