Happiest people in the world

Switzerland was the happiest nation in the world, Finland was the sixth happiest in the world. This was in our news.


I don’t think this is true. I 've heard by a man that used to live in there(Switzerland), that people commit suicide one after another by falling on the subway lines.

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It was just in our news, I do like some systems Swiss people have.


Well, then, it seems that there are a lot of contradictions there, they might have some good conditions, but some people are not so happy. I didn’t mean to insult you or anything, I just said what I heard of.

Yes - here is the news article:

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Borders must really say something because Switzerland is next to Germany, and I was told Saxony in Germany has the highest suicide rate in the world. I see Canada is high on the list. Makes me think of neutral hills and how he kept trying to get me to stop complaining about my parents - to no avail. I miss him.

Every area/country/nation is going to have a certain percentage of people who commit suicide. That fact does not change the fact that the rest of the majority are happy. The statistic is a COMPARISON to other countries. Switzerland is still going to have homeless, crime, addicts, prostitution, poverty, etc. Probably just not a much as other countries that were rated. Just because they are the happiest country doesn’t mean that every last person in the country is going to be happy. They are happier as a WHOLE. And yes, there are schizophrenics in Switzerland. Draw your own conclusions.


Radio Swiss Classic: classical music radio station broadcasting from Switzerland 24 hours a day. Announcements in 4 languages.

I don’t know as I have only traveled in USA. I did travel to Niagara Falls as a baby and the Mexican border as a teenager. 99.5% it is the good ol’ USA and I try to be happy despite everything I have gone through in my short life.

Firstly, I don’t like your style, I didn’t attack to you. Secondly, if every hour there are people killing themselves for no reason, no, that can’t seem like a happy country to me. I would expect more respect, though, I don’t understand your style.

I didn’t mean to come off like I was attacking you. I’ve been up all night and I’m really tired so I guess I wasn’t as careful as usual. I’ll probably keep my same basic style though. Maybe I wasn’t as tactful as I normally am.

**But how do they deal with those long and cold winters??? :snowboarder: **

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Redrose - I think Nick was being respectful to you in his post, he was just disagreeing. Its ok to disagree with people here as long as you’re respectful.

while suicide rate might have something to do with general happiness - it might have to do with other things, like drug use or something.

Interestingly - the USA has a significantly higher suicide rate than switzerland.

The USA is #30 in world rankings, Switzerland is #44.

Suicide and family tragedies have to do with economy opportunities and harmony between loved ones look at all these u.s. killings over these things. Just read the news people .

Well, he shouted which means having a style. I just said what I 've heard of, I did not do any research…

Well, I don’t want to make things worse but I use capital letters a lot when I write. I don’t use capital letters because I mean to shout.
I’ve always used them to emphasize a point. That’s all I use them before. I didn’t realize I was doing anything wrong by using capital letters, no one has pointed it out to me before.

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Even if not shouting, by emphasizing it, it means that you want to call me down. That’s how I get it.

No, I use capital letters to stress an important point, not to put down anyone personally. It’s hard to show nuances in writing online so I stress certain words to imitate what I would be saying if it was in person.


Ok, @77nick77, I accept this. It just seemed that way, it’s not my fault, not yours as well.


You might try italics though they don’t work as well in this typeface as they do in more print-like fonts.

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