The GRIP of COLD WEATHER...ON ...Schizophrenia

the grip of the cold weather is here in the usa, to many homeless people out there, do to disaster’s the happen in the early fall. some to which are just unsettled do to no caring city’s with little funding. how would you rate your area ? id give my city F for not helping reforming. and 10 in a increase in homeless from other towns and states. why going out on a social meet I was asked by two spread people for a hand out. and saw two people with signs for help. infortunenetly I can seam to post there pictures, in that it would be unkind. many of home owners that have schizophrenia are having a time getting good help, fix or cleaning there places, so many fall in to the hud trip, get a apartment and not be able to keep the clean enough to pass inspection and end in paying with out a place to live. church’s are pulling out on funding on compared church’s to handle food and home assisted. do too rules that don’t aply to the poor by choice. are you doing what you can to pervade what you may need to make it throw this winter ? thank you for your time Dr Zen

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Its cold here in nepal too .!!!

Homeless in Hawaii do have a easier time. But I feel most homeless on the streets are seriously mentally ill. It costs very little to move into a shelter and get on food stamps. Many mentally ill at schizophrenia support group who are on meds live quite adequately like this.