The golden age of computational psychiatry is within sight

Clinically useful tools to identify the aberrant neural circuitry in individuals with psychiatric illness are lacking, as are treatments that do more than just address symptoms. Neuroplasticity-based treatments and computational neuroscience may hold some of the keys to unlocking the golden age of psychiatry.

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(It does not mention negative symptoms though, to my utter despair…)


Yes andrey we need something for negative symptoms. …

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■■■■ that ■■■■ homie


This is the first study on the effect of Cognitive Remediation (CR) on negative symptoms in people with schizophrenia.

The results demonstrate a small to moderate effect of CR on negative symptoms (effect size g = − 0.30).

Negative symptom reduction is maintained at follow-up (effect size 95% g = − 0.36).

Studies with more robust methodology show a larger negative symptom reduction (effect size g = − 0.40).

There were no differences in drop-out rates between individuals randomized to CR and the control conditions suggesting that this intervention is acceptable.

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Will there ever be a better treatment for psychosis??

How far away because I’m tired of the usual mental status exam every time I go in for a session.
I would like to know for sure what I have and will it or won’t it come back. That and better treatments of course that garantee it won’t resurface with less side effects.