Neuroplastic changes in patients with schizophrenia undergoing cognitive remediation: triple-blind trial


We replicated the finding that cognitive remediation increases left lateral prefrontal activation during a working memory task in patients with schizophrenia, suggesting this may be an important neural target for these types of interventions.


How many yearal it wil be taking to be for the time peroid of the human being. …

For once, I really don’t understand your English far cry :slight_smile:

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I mean eatablishing it on human life

You mean, how long does one have to follow a cognitive remediation regimen ??
I don’t know… Probably several months to a year sounds like a reasonable duration.

Understood now andrey my english and sz sucks…

Then they go for clinikal teasts…!!or trails…

I guess this study offers hope for the future of sz treatments. Maybe it is reconcilable brain damage after all