The future is coming

Yea I hope I am alive in ten years because a lot of cool stuff is going to get into main stream use. For example Stem Cells, Gene Therapy and Nano Machines. I hope I am in good health then because there will be a boom of amazing technology and who knows maybe we will be able to live until 1000 years old. :slight_smile: It is just the leap to get to ten years. There will be a time when mental illness is a thing of the past.


There are a lot of exciting developments popping up all the time now. I hope we can see some good results soon, too.

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Thanks I donโ€™t know why that did that.

The really cool stuff is in the 2030โ€™s, but that is when some people are saying a mini ice age will happen. Either way the future is going to be nuts!


Hopefully we will all be cured with enough time to enjoy our lives to the fullest.


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