The first day of winter is coming

what the hell , ive had enough. winter, lucky if i make it throw it.


Do you live somewhere cold? I’m in Missouri and it’s not so bad. We barely get snow. Get a lot of cold air though. I like the fall season the best… Hugs

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Winter is like an atomic bomb.
It blows a lot and also totally sucks.
:mushroom: :cloud: :bomb:

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Not here it aint! Talking high thirties today and it got up to 38 degrees C yesterday! So about 98 farenheit with some decent humidity. Possibility of a storm this afternoon…could be a corker as this sort of weather brings in some serious storms! :smile:

Texas weather changes a lot. Right now it’s sunny and windy as hell. Tomorrow who knows

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Brrrrrr… :cold_face:

I’m in Florida, so there’s no winter. Today’s high was 71 F,

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