The fear of 69

I heard a new report out that you can get cancer by doing this act whether the report was true or not someone scares me off from thinking about it some people like that type of thing some people down

Dude that’s ■■■■■■■■, haha.

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it’s true…some women carry the virus…Michael Douglas got throat cancer that way…may seem hilarious but it’s true.

What? Hold on I’ll look into this.



Hah, this still seems like ■■■■■■■■.

It would have to be very rare, I can’t imagine cancer unless you did it repeatedly for days and hours on end.

dIt’s about HPV affecting other areas even in men. Cancer causing virus. Doesn’t sound to improbable but I’m not a doctor. o_O


Shouldn’t this be in Dr. Zen’s… “Keeping in Eating Schedule thread?”

(rim shot)


Things are getting out of hand here,

women and young girls can get their shots,

but nothing is safe in sex, that’s why they call it,


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