The family except my parents

Everyone in the family wants me to go see my parents…except my parents. They haven’t called, texted or posted on face book that they want me to come see them. Last I checked they blocked me on everything.

they blocked you? why?

They tried to make me leave my partner by saying they will quit drugs, cigarettes and beer if I moved in without my partner.

let them quit them. it will be good for their health

They said the only way they will quit if I move in with them without my partner

they don’t like him? why?

That’s manipulative of them, and most likely a promise they can’t keep.

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They don’t like her, because when she didn’t have her GED she had a hard time finding work. Then she got her GED certification and got a job. They feel she doesn’t take care of me and think its my fault I got sick even if it is proven to be genetic

Unfortunately some people think you have to put up with mistreatment because someone is your parent. Let me tell you. You do not need to love anyone who has treated you badly. It does not make you a bad person if you never want to talk to your parents again. It doesn’t matter if they’re family or if they raised you. If they’re abusive, problematic, or just plain rude, you never have to put up with it.


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