The Facts About Sexual (Dys)function in Schizophrenia: An Overview of

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I didn’t know that psychosis can cause hypersexuality. Anyways it was more severe on Abilify, I guess because it boosts dopamine. I read that dopamine increases sex drive.

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I think that the society’s determination of a schizophrenic on disability in the US makes long duration sexual relationships almost impossible for men. First of all we are never expected to work again and no matter how much our partners may love us we will probably have arguments over money. Also the prolactin thing will eventually stop sex in its tracks which will affect things badly. There is the problem with the possibility of our offspring becoming psychotic as well. I remember on one such discussion on this website a woman describing men with schizophrenia as “man-childs”. A lot of it is the stigma as well due to school shootings, and other violent acts by presumed or confirmed psychotics. A man in the US barely stands a chance.


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