The Facts About Sexual (Dys)function in Schizophrenia: An Overview of

I had hypersexuality on Abilify. They say dopamine agonists like Abilify increase sex drive. Now I have hyposexuality on Risperdal. I wonder how I will do on Zyprexa.

I left a message to my pdr to switch me to Zyprexa.

That’s a lot to read!

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You can just read the abstract. Its a resume.

My doctor forces me to take xeplion. I’m completely asexual on it. I was violent on my last psychosis

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Yea I don’t have a sex drive now on Risperdal. I guess its for the best bcz I can’t control it and do risky sex.

Maybe it is for the best. But I felt very unmanly and I’m in a relationship.

Oh I see, that’s different. I had a gf for 6 years but she left me due to sz and unable to work.

I’m sorry to hear that. This disease really takes a toll on your ability to work and your relationship. My wife almost left me too.

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My husband is annoyed because Invega totally killed my drive. It’s starting to come back, been off Invega for 9 months and on Aristada for 3.

I wish I hadn’t been violent because now I can’t change my medication when it fits me. I’m on xeplion I think it’s the same as invaga. But my doctor said that if every think goes well he will not force me to take xeplion.

I was on xeplion as well. Ill my sexual intercourses failed and when i ejaculated basically nothing. Now on haldol and its a bit better

Yes, but I think I will give xeplion a chance. Overall, it’s a good med. I hop my sex drive comes back. It has a little. I will listen to my doctor.

its a really potent medication. I felt quite active on it and energetful. Managed to finish my studies abroad and work at the same time. Its sad it stopped working for me one day randomly

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