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The dreaded question - "What have you been doing ? "


Meant to stimulate conversation - "What have you been doing ? " It’s kind of hard to stimulate conversation from that when basically day in and day out what you do is go on the internet,watch tv,eat, drink and sleep.


Elaborate on what have you been reading / playing / watching while online

Discuss sports, politics, weather, fashion… it’s a rich source of topics!

What did you dream about last night? Dreams can be fascinating and people often get hooked on dream analysis.


All I can basically say is I’ve been on forums and facebook and twitter. I read very little.
I don’t play games.

Someone would have to ask me first . I couldn’t initiate a conversation about those things or anything else for that matter.

I seldom remember my dreams.


There are loads of online games that can help you develop a practical approach to solving different problems.

A classic game from the '90s was called TIM (The Incredible Machine) just like your first name !! I’d call it destiny :shamrock:

Here’s a newer game that you can play online!! It has a tutorial so it’s really easy to get into.


Unfortunately due to my non verbal cognitive deficits I couldn’t get the hang of that fantastic contraption game at all.

I am sure it will be fun for others though.


Have you at least cleared the tutorial? It’s very verbose and guides your every step…


Yes I cleared the tutorial and struggled to do level 1 but couldn’t get beyond there .
My nonverbal IQ is around 75 based on online tests. I just can’t grasp this kind of thing.


Well at least I can’t accuse you of not trying :slight_smile:

I gave a lot of thought to your problems… I think a psychologist would be very helpful, but if you can’t afford it…

Anyway, you know your weaknesses better than anyone. But you should also know your strengths. How about trying to build on what you already have? Your verbal proficiency is way above average, you could try your hand at writing a blog, or short stories? Writing can be very therapeutic. It’s a good pastime. It also forces you to move those cogwheels in the brain :slight_smile: And I bet many people would be happy to read your productions. I for once will be your first reader, if you allow.

EDIT: I think @crimby and @flameoftherhine have experience with writing. You can exchange ideas…


The problem is I struggle to structure things in an organised manner, and get things down cohesively , although my verbal ability itself is good.


Start by writing non fiction. Recount past events. It’s easier.
Then move on to fiction or philosophy, whatever floats your boat :rowboat:


I talk about news items I have read. Non political ones.


I’ve been reading my Yoga Journal Magazine. I’ve been eating cereal for breakfast. I’ve been eating barbeque pork ribs for dinner with spinach and sweet potatoes and berry whip for dessert. I’ve had my weekly piano lesson today. That went good. I’ve been avoiding my weekly shower like the plague all day long. I got to do that before the day is over. I also have to do my yoga before I go to bed tonight. Oh, and I meditated twice today.


That was very informative Gina :slight_smile:

See @firemonkey ? That is a modicum of small talk. Of course it can be elaborated, but it takes a bit of practice.
Key word here? “practice” :slight_smile:


I got up. I had a drink. I went on the internet. I had something to eat. I went back to bed for a nap. I got up again. I had a drink and went on the internet again.

Rinse and repeat. It’s hard making small talk when you do very little.


I’m sure you can explain what kind of drink that was. Spirits? Soda? Wine, Beer, Tea, Coffee? Dry? with sugar? with ice cubes? Hot or cold?
Do you always have a drink first thing after waking up? How does it help you?
Do you keep other routines as well? Is it true that forming a new habit takes about 30 days?

See? You said three words, I asked you a boatload of questions and thus the conversation took off. The possibilities are endless.


I guess I am a duplicate of my dad. He always has stuff to talk about even if he is at home all day. :flushed:

My dad is 67 - he talks about some of his friends, what he heard on the news, a new recipe he learnt from the TV, What is happening in France and who caught which fish on the fishing channel then there is a big story about something happened 20 years ago :joy:


Most people wouldn’t do that though. They’d just think ‘Boring old fart’. Invariably I have a drink on getting up. My usual hot drink is a sachet of coffee,2 coffee whiteners, milk and 2 sugars. I can’t say it actually helps me. I tend to do the same things day in day out but not necessarily always at the exact same time. Whether you would call that a routine I don’t know.
As for the 30 day question,I have no idea.


Good. Now apply the four rules when talking to me. OK, rule 1 (to smile) and rule 4 (to give) are harder to apply in a virtual interaction. But you can ask questions and you can listen (read) carefully, chiming in whenever you can relate or say something useful :slight_smile:


I am not sure what those are. My parents drink their coffee black and I don’t drink at all.
Care to explain? :slight_smile:


Explains better than I could.