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I recently found meditating can stall apathy. How I do this is be in a quiet environment and close my eyes. I then focus in to nothingness and do controlled breathing then relax and breath normally.

Underneath the apathy can force other schizophrenic symptoms to uncover themselves but I honestly prefer a state with much less apathy because apathy is the worst state of mind I’ve ever experienced from memory.

Would be interested in hearing anything that helped you to deal with Apathy too?

A few doses of 10,000 IU per day of Vitamin D does help too but over time the apathy returned.

Mediating always creates a space for my positive symptoms to move into. I avoid doing it now as it always makes my symptoms worse. I find that having a lot of hobbies and interests has been the best thing for apathy, anhedonia, and negative symptoms in general.

The more I sit around the more I sit around (positive feedback loop).

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