Endless apathy

I end up trying to force myself to get into things. Doesn’t work for the most part. Its like im so numb, apathetic and disinterested that there would be no difference within me between doing something supposedly entertaining or staring at a wall. So frustrating. Spending my days doing nothing.
I know this is an unpopular opinion but i seriously suspect the antipsychotics. Especially since when im off them the apathy goes away. If i maintain being well that is. Which ive done a few times.
Sorry guys and gals, I’m just venting here.
Anyone else feel the same though?


I’ve been like that for while now. Maybe it’s the changing of the seasons.

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For me, its not an occasional seasonal thing. Ive been dealing with this for around 13 years. With small intervals of being interested in something for a couple weeks here and there.

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Last time I spoke to my psychiatrist, I said “I feel flat but as I understand it nothing can be done about that”

And he said "yes, that’s correct ".

But I subsequently found out some antidepressants can help. Unfortunately they interact with Abilify so I can’t take them.

Check out this thread

I’d try another med combo, an adjustment. My Latuda made me flat and I was glad to get off but it’s a mood stabilizer too.

@everhopeful thanks for the info. Ive tried a few different antidepressants and they didnt really make any difference. But i havent tried those two in that study you shared. Maybe i could ask my pdoc about them.
@Jinx im on rexulti which is alright in the sense thay its not sedative much. Which i like. Im considering asking my pdoc to deduce the dose by half in the hope that my apathy negs will dissipate a bit.
Im quite hopeful that i wont fall ill to psychosis again if im careful and look after myself.


I can really relate to the way you feel apathic. Iv lived with Schizophrenia for almost 30 years and had the negative symptom of apathy on and off that time. But I just want to add psychosis or drugs and alcohol are toxic for schizophrenics. So by taking antipsychotics I do preserve my mental functioning. let me just say that I once skipped meds for 14. days and that permanently worsened apathy until today.

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