The delusion of being "lucky"

I’ve always felt that on the one hand I had schizophrenia but on the other hand I had bizzare good luck to make up for it.

I think today that delusion has faded. Absolutely nothing bad happened but the feeling has just vanished.

I know a lot of us are “lucky” in the sense that things could always be worse but I had an exaggerated sense of being lucky.

Anyway like I said. Another delusion bites the dust.


in my past, you know how many times I could have been busted for DUI?

I have no record. I we take chances on leaving our keys in the ignition in the driveway.

I’ve pissed so many people off online, I’m sure they could find me. nothing.

I’ve been lucky with certain things throughout my life. Things could’ve ended up a lot worse for me but somehow some way I’m still here and not dead or in jail or committed against my will.


I knew I wouldn’t get a Like from @everhopeful grudge held, grudge current.

İ have exactly this delusion. İt has very similar feeling to pronoia.

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Yes I used to get bouts of pronoia as a result too.

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Why do we have this? İ think this is more dangerous situation than paranoia because you feel so safe. İsn t it?

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notice right now @everhopeful will respond to you. selective.

Yeah good point. I don’t feel so safe now that the delusion has faded. But like you said maybe that’s a good thing.

I feel a bit queasy thinking that the only reason I’m here is because of “dumb” luck and not some kind of “special” luck.

I have strange luck it seems like whatever is least likely to happen happens

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İ don t want to be feel that much safe because world is never be that much safe.

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I agree. That’s ccompletely true.

Well it’s faded for me. All I can suggest is that you let your psychiatrist know you’re suffering from pronoia. I didn’t fully realise it until it faded away today.

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İ will try to explain. Thanks for advice @everhopeful

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? İ didn t get it sorry…?

No i think this is paranoia @Daze

no, this person intentionally ignores certain people like me.

People sometimes struggle to answer you because your messages is difficult to understand. İt s some kind of hebephenic i guess. Sorry if i diagnose wrong. İ m not a p doc though.

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