The Complicated Situation With a $15 minimum wage

The first thing a $15 minimum wage would produce for businesses would be more overhead. So in order to keep their profit margin they would have to raise the prices of their goods. If it happened everywhere there would be an inflation of prices which would negate the benefits of the wage increase. Of course the government could make it more palatable to the businesses by offering a tax break for companies which raised their minimum wage but that would be less money for the government and the government debt would increase or cuts would have to made for government programs. Of course the companies could also pay lower wages for foreign or illegal labor to make up the difference. Or they could lower the wages of their higher wage employees or the heads of the companies could lower their own profits. But in a society where wealth is considered to be so important it is difficult to do. So you see it’s not a simple proposition to make such a law binding to companies or corporations. There will always be those of us who will never do better than a minimum wage job and it’s unfortunate that the system is made the way it is. I have actually found that being happy with surviving is less stressful but when I was younger I wished for much more. It would never be funny for a couple to look at their baby and say “That kid is going to be a fast food worker some day” and it’s not funny that some very hard working people are on public assistance but even the richest people can end up in nursing homes and everybody ends up in the grave. We are not all created equal but we end up that way at some point.

So ya know, a lot of jobs hire people with no experience and train them while they are on the payroll. And if they work out, often they immediately get a small raise.

I can see why employers would want a low wage option to train new workers.


If you’re a moderately skilled worker making $15/hour and suddenly the clueless newb is bumped up to the same, you’re going to be expecting a raise and not too happy if it’s not forthcoming. Which is likely because your employer probably can’t afford to pay clueless newbs that much. That’s why we’re seeing more of these…



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