The closest to positive symptoms I get is

I think I’m seeing something from the corner of my eye but look and it’s either not there or it’s something of a similar shape but not what I thought


It’s usually something with a shock factor.

Perhaps a blessing you don’t. The things I’ve seen and heard has ran the gamut of terror to ecstasy.

Sometimes they call my name, flashes of faces of random people coming up from behind me.

Loss of insight + seeing angels = bad time llama.

No voices? I’m envious, lol.

Hope they aren’t bugging you too bad.

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I remember when I took Paxil in my 20’s thinking I saw shadows and things out of the corners of my eyes. This was long before being diagnosed schizophrenic.

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Do you normally have positives? Or did the Paxil set them off?

Wellbutrin set off my symptoms real fast.

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I’m not sure that they were positives. I never really saw anything. It was just shadows. Yes, I think it was the Paxil messing with my brain/vision.

As far as I know I have never had a hallucination, outside of one hypnopompic hallucination that I had about a year ago.

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I find it amazing how this illness can manifest.

Thanks for sharing Dude. Hope you’re having a good night

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I’m doing good, I hope you are having a good night as well.

As an afterthought, MAYBE THEY WERE hallucinations, I just never thought to classify them as such at the time. I suppose visual distortions such as that might be considered hallucinations.

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I’ve actually talked to my Pdoc about this. He does classify my visual distortions of things breathing, moving, etc. to be hallucinations. Darting shadow people too.

The good news is it wasn’t permanent. I’m happy for you.

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