The Causes of Schizophrenia: It's Probably Not Genetics


It’s mainly epigenetics and other gene-environment interactions. Pure environmental effects are about as rare as the pure genetic effects. Children with little genetic risk raised in families with high levels of environmental risk factors do not have a much increased risk of developing sz. It takes both kinds of risk, genetic and environmental, for the total increased risk to be large.

The point is that this absence of large purely genetic effects does not mean sz is any more of a psychological condition.

Also, the heritability estimates were not wrong, like the article says, it was the assumption that the causes of these heritability estimates were purely genetic that was wrong. There are different kinds of heritability estimates, and they all to some degree confound environmental and genetic effects, and especially interactions between these effects.


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Genetic causes are not 100% sure on schizophrenia. OMIM listings on schizophrenia are not actually causes but just “assumptions”. And we don’t even know how it is inherited.

So there is more research to be done.

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Do u guys mean there wont be any medication for schizophrenia…!!!

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its not genetic then what…

What about medication …!!! is it an Unapprochable mental illness…!!

No it doesn’t mean that.

There are still identifiable chemical, cellular, structural and electrical changes in brains with sz, whether an individual case is more genetic, or more environmentally influenced. Those changes are what can be targeted with new treatments, and existing ones too.


What I know is that I had symptoms from the age of 8.

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Not sure if that model is outdated now. I know a lot of us have a downturn in how we are when stress levels increase.
For me it’s increased anxiety,irrationality,paranoia, and my cognitive functioning takes a hit.