The candle light ritual, caffeine addiction

I must say that I need my daily coffee. I remember how I made coffee using a small gas stove in the middle of the night when I lived in my car in Miami. It was somehow feeling calm and nice. I have noticed that I am addicted to coffee. Coffee prices are quite high here as they are in other places of our world. I was one day without my daily coffee and I got a headache. Then I bought coffee and drank a couple of cups and my headache was gone. The least expensive coffee I found was 5.59€ (500g) which is quite high. Just wondering if they decrease coffee prices, if they get a good coffee harvest in this year. Or are prices permanently this high? Any way I got my coffee and my mind started feeling much better. Are you a caffeine addict?


I usually have at least one coffee per day, but i generally drink tea. Couldnt live without my tea.

I have commented many matters that have come to my mind during the candle light rituals since the mid of February, one week before the war in Ukraine started. I suppose our caffeine addiction is just a minor problem compared to those problems that currently millions of Ukrainian refugees are having. But still coffee is an important topic in many countries because people consume a lot of coffee.

I drink a whole pot almost everyday. about 2/3 cups already grind coffee. You can get 2lbs(907gm) already grind coffee for 12 bux here. About 11 euros.

Supplement with black tea here and there.
Might be a bit much but i get the feeling its my body adjusting to not using adderal or any other medical grade stimulants.

I buy my coffee in bulk online since it is much cheaper than in the store. In the store I pay 5.99€ for 500g. Online I pay 6.99€ for 1 kg.

Big difference. It adds up.

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I drink lots of coffee, there was a time i go without coffee over three days and i had burning sensations in my brain. I really ugly feeling but after that period it felt good without coffee. I don’t know why i drink again, its addictive i guess.

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