Coffee on sale

Normally one brand of coffee is 5.2€ per one 500g pack, but today there was sale and it was just 2.95€ a 500g pack. I bought four packs. It is a nice discount. Do you have coffee on sale?


Prices of coffee has gone up here! It’s about 5.5-7€ around here.

I only drink instant these days!

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I like these sales we have. I drink a lot of coffee and I rather buy coffee when it is on sale.


I had to lower my coffee intake. I used to drink a lot of coffee but it made me neurotic. I’m sensitive to caffeine. I only drink 2-3 cups a day now. Before it used to be up to 8 cups.

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I like coffee and I drink it a lot. I have not been depressed much in this winter. Maybe coffee helps.


Yes, have noticed that coffee helps with depression. It picks me up.

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I get McDonalds coffee. Has a good flavor.

I should not think the past events, but when I lived in my auto in Miami I often went to one Burger King in Miami Beach in evenings and I ordered one coffee and then I stayed there for a few hours because coffee refills were free. So I stayed there to drink coffee. Well this was over 20 years ago. I recall updating my diaries while drinking coffee.

We always try to buy coffee when it’s on sale.

One of my major expenses is on good, usually locally roasted coffee. Coffee is my only addiction nowadays so I spend more on it.

I think that I have been addicted to coffee since my early childhood. It is sometimes fun to remember where I have had coffee such as one rainforest town in Venezuela and so on. I remember drinking coffee in cafes of Paris in 1988 during my university studies.


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