The candle light ritual: AI and the triangle game

Again another Friday evening arrived and I had my ritual. I started developing my triangle game in Aug 1999 in Atlanta and it has evolved during these 24 years. I asked AI if there are any triangle games in the world people are playing and AI responded that there are no triangle games. So my game is unique and rare which is why I am not going to publish my notebooks (my book). Here are some pics (the star of general and an image of my triangle game):


AIs are also great when asking some advises for practical matters. My mother is at the hospital and she wanted that I take some salt for her. I asked AI, can an elderly patient at the hospital taken salt, and AI replied that ‘yes, but can still ask nurses’. AIs are really so good as is my game and my book.

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If the nurses are restricting your mother’s salt intake to the point she is asking for you to bring some then you already have your answer: Don’t.

Actually I asked nurses as AI advised and nurses told it is okay to give my mother salt. AIs are really useful in the hospital setting.

I had one tell me I could try that new supplement @Aziz is using. My cardiologist yelled at me for asking chatgpt medical questions. The supplement will react badly with my heart medicine.


I wouldnt ask a chat bot for medical advice. Yet. Maybe once its vetted by the government and approved for such use


I know, but I get curious. LOL.

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Yeah me too. Like asking it how to fart quietly in a library. You know, just to make the chatbots uncomfortable.

#makethebotscringe :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Oh, look in the Twitter thread. Left ya a prezzie, boi.


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Hmm, i know such drawings, when i was a little bit manic @mjseu , you call it a game.

I tried it with rhombuses.

Easy to fell in

When i was the last time in the psychatry i got once very fast to make an, how does it call, when they put elektrodes on your head to measure your voltage of your brain, eeg ?

However, i asked the doctor if his pc has an free usb port.

To load my recording device.

When it was to close my eyes i got the first time an imaginared triangle that flip.

And flip and flip like a snake in a 3d room.

From time to time i “play” it since then, it took a little time to get it back because of stress and AP’s, in different ways, the last one was when the triangles have a 3state.

When nothing better to think about.

And the results ?

The paper was lost

Machine didn’t work correctly…

I wrote something about SALT in 2017 on the forum … here is a movie clip …

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