The Burdens

I don’t know why but I like to categorize things. I now like to present them as memes. Not pictures but the smallest content that transmits an idea. I wrote a series of songs that had a theme. This is the idea behind “The Burdens”. I have chosen not to use the original names of the songs as apparently the definition of those terms has changed over time. So to avoid confusion I have referred to them by their content.

Inebriation/Intoxication: covers everything we experience. “Drugs” are moved through our body making us feel a certain way. This involves all input to the body.

Sexual: This has to do with identity and relation. It needs no explaination.

Materialism: The pursuit and collection of objects.

Godlikeness: This covers all activities by humans that press against the membrane of “God”.

Have I missed anything? Am I being too short-sighted? I think when you can act in equilibrium with these burdens you can achieve some sense of satisfaction.

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