The best things happened today

Here’s an update.

I had my electric bill paid for, today.
I sold my storage barn
There’s a gofund me set up… I’m not asking you guys for help. I’m just mentioning it.

Please continue to pray or send good thoughts my way. I’m almost okay.

Thanks, all!


Cleaned out the fridge…it’s bright inside again

I’m so glad you’re getting some help!

Good for you @JustTrish. many more repeats of good fortune to ya.
Today I did what I had to do and it turned out pretty good. Being consistent and doing the good thing is helpful. keep at it all!

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Awesome! Yay! :smile:

Glad to hear your on the path out of your troubles. Hang in there and hope it’s all sorted soon!

Thanks, all! I appreciate the kind words. :hugs:

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