The beautiful trees on my street next door to me are gone

the huge branches lay in ruin put there by a bulldozer. everywhere in town is torn up…sad.


if you have funds, you can buy trees and keep them in your house. I got these a few months ago. Day nice to have around

I gotta get LED lights for them in the future


I do have one tree in my kitchen…thanks for posting.

Mate. They have laws over here even about trimming certain trees.

Down the cricket club oval and across the street a new renter went too town on some trees. Turns out they were planted by this local legend years ago and were protected. Copped a 2k fine. Watched him proudly pruning whilst mowing the oval but caught up with a neighbour who filled me in!

Don’t chop down protected trees peeps! Gotta love some environmental laws!

the downburst of 100 mile per hour winds did it @rogueone


doh…fair cop. Just read bulldozer without the context! My bad.

Should be laws against the weather! I’d sign up for those! :slight_smile:

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