The battle zone of pain


one day you find your self in pain so great that pills don’t get it, what would you do? and the pills pushed on you are addictive. and are far to less mg to work thanks to the laws and ins companys. and the state dose not have mm.


What kind of pain do you have, @DrZen? If it’s back pain, I would highly recommend yoga to you. It cured my back pain after only six months of doing it. But you have to keep doing it for the rest of your life for it to work. Which isn’t hard. As a matter of fact to me, it’s pure pleasure.


@DrZen if it’s great pain and your older it’s not a bad thing to take!

Honestly. Pain will bring you to your knees and being a bit older isn’t a bad thing because things will go wrong!

I’d say take the pain meds. Your schizophrenic and have taken all those pills. It’s not a bad thing to take some pain meds…addiction? I’d take the pain relief for sure!


If you have pain you could also consider going to a chiropractor or osteopath instead of taking pills.


The problem is that painkillers have no long-term effect, so they don’t work for chronic pain. When you take them regularly for chronic pain, your brain just upregulates the pain response to reach homeostasis, and so you end up with about the same overall amount of pain and an addiction on top of it. There are other treatments for chronic pain that do work.


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