The autism umbrella chart

Autism is an ‘Umbrella term’ used to describe a combination of characteristics (listed in the chart below). Autistic
people often have ‘spikey profiles’, so they might experience mild difficulties in some areas, but severe difficulties in all
of the others. This is why autism cannot accurately be described as being ‘mild, moderate or severe’ and it’s likely that
a unique autistic profile will include a combination of mild, moderate and severe difficulties.


Speech delayed/absent=no

Understanding problems
listening, concentration
or understanding = mild. Better with written rather than spoken information

Frequent repetition of
words or phrases = not a problem

Taking things literally= moderate? Letter about post diagnosis appt said I took things very literally

Difficulty sensing or
interpreting peoples
feelings = mild (I think-?)

Difficulty expressing
feelings = moderate

Rituals or repetitive
behaviours = mild

Over or under sensitive
to sound, touch, taste,
smell or light = mild

Disliking changes
to routines = moderate

Difficulty making
friends and socialising = severe

i often thought that i might be on the autism spectrum. I dont know why…just seems like it

Nice! Psychs vary in their opinion on whether im autistic or not. Im not typically autistic, but i have a few traits. I vary a lot on those different areas. Some things are a little hidden too, because i have always been taught to adjust.

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I posted it on the Wrong planet(asd) forum too. Someone had mixed feelings about it, saying it was entirely a deficit-based model.

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Hmmm…i didnt use the site, just read your writing. It kind of helps me understand things, which is good. But i agree it is deficit-based, which perhaps isnt the full picture, now you mention it.

Do you believe in the intense world theory? Does it fit you?

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