Is anyone here moderately autistic?

I think I’m moderately autistic. I have trouble with daily living skills and I’m really awkward socially IRL.
I also had severe meltdowns at ages 3-13

Lots of people here are autistic. I am but idk about moderately. I don’t care to label which flavor of autism I have

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I’m not an autistic high flier nor am I at the opposite end of that. There are a lot of autistic people on Twitter that remind me of the ‘Four Yorkshiremen’ sketch by Monty Python.These are people vying to be the most authentically autistic person you could ever hope to find.


I think I’m undiagnosed autistic.

Will find out this year hopefully if I am.

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The spectrum is not linear

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yeah you’re right

Me but I think mildly is the way it might be usually described as

It will get better as you age and develop strategies to cope

I am not there yet, but have come a long way albeit really slowly

I did really bad on the autism test but they said that I don’t have it. I can be socially awkward often.

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I show signs of adhd and autism thats what my doctor said i thought i coudnt be autistic because of no strong sensory issues but this summer i have been noticing them more i think i am i always score high on autism tests.

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