The apparition of Abraham Lincoln

During my year and a half residency on a therapeutic farming community for people with mental illness there were some odd happenings…

One of these happenings was later in my stay there during a community meeting one of the staff saw the apparition of Abraham Lincoln in a window…beard and top hat and all I guess. A few days later I found out that he had become convinced that it had something to do with me. He promptly quit his job as a part time EMT with the local fire department and became a volunteer rather than staff on the farm.

Then one day during my weekly therapy appointment I learned that my hippy therapist believed it too…she told me that Abraham Lincoln was my spirit guide. I was the rational one in this situation saying that this was absolutely ridiculous to assume that because someone saw his apparition in a window that this made him my spirit guide…

There were other bizarre happenings…like the rumor that Greenday’s 21st century breakdown album was written about me. I think that even those that were supposed to be keeping a rational mind about such things couldn’t help but see me in a mysterious light as I was mildly dissociative at the time and having visions of a supposedly alternate life I’d lived. No one there including the doctor had ever witnessed anyone experiencing this kind of dissociation and didn’t understand what was going on…not that I’ll ever entirely understand what was going on back then either.

Abraham Lincoln…spirit guide…yep yep yep.

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Many people have seen Abe…however I am not sure how seeing him automatically makes him your spirit guide, and I would be cautious to know if it might not be a demonic impersonation of Abe…have to careful with that.
I really don’t go for all that spirit guide stuff anyways…i believe in Jesus and any other spirit that might appear or help once or from time to time is just something that helps from time to time. Spirit animals or totems are different and they might be considered guides
I’ve had a few manifestations of my late wife, 2 separate ghosts from a cemetery up the road, one was seen by both me and my son at the same time…I saw a dead friend appear in 1980 and he too was seen by myself and a second person… However none of these are spirit guides…just ghostly manifestations. Still cool to be able to perceive that realm though…

[quote=“e_lunaseer, post:2, topic:10902, full:true”]
Many people have seen Abe…however I am not sure how seeing him automatically makes him your spirit guide, [/quote]

I don’t know how he came to this conclusion either…seemed as if he’d experienced a break of sorts.

I neither entirely dismiss nor attempt to define for myself these things…

Again this was someone else’s delusion or whatever it was…not mine.