That wasn't me!

what the hell was that…

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sniff sniff who the hell was that :wink:

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man i not thinking again but i’ll go along with it lol don’t ask just heard my grandmother blwo some fireworks. lol

enjoy the show lol

rotfl @asgoodasitgets

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it wasn’t me btw so you’re safe. grandmother is downstairs :slight_smile:

my mum does it a lot, very un lady like :slight_smile:

Same. But it’s always weird for me.

in that case this place has no ladies. lol we ALL do it :wink:

never lol, i just let rip its like a motor bike starting up haha

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lol @asgoodasitgets

■■■■ man i am entering an episode again…lol but i hope to spend it here… this place is safe outlet :wink:

farts in ishes face lol

ewwww you disgusting :pig: wheres the air freshner…

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wtf did you have for lunch… rotten eggs?

you know my avatar is a powerpuff guy, my super power is farting and making ■■■■ happen lol

hold on guys going out to get some more air freshner

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wasn’t that bad, just that vindaloo i had last night haha

back home… the second can.

onto the third can…