That wasn't me!

its when you get that burning sensation and then it starts to smoke down there lol oops

wtf @asgoodasitgets i deamand you to get outside some fresh air would do you good lol

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looks for fish tank to sit in ahah

you can pm me if you like

i dont’ need a tank full of dead fish @asgoodasitgets i just bought them last week

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how come @asgoodasitgets

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ok get the fire hose lol

i was just thinking if someone was posting some serious ■■■■ and we are just chatting away, idk

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ok lol i’ll pm you :slight_smile:

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sorry all i just figured it would be safer for me to do this here than on a dating site… so sorry to everyone here… when i come down i will regret but for now just need to get this out my system

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