That little elusive alien!

I swear by all my best senses, I was working out boxing with bower boxing simulator on youtube, then I glanced at the 55 in tv and I swear to god by my good senses I seen a little happy grey alien poke his head out like he was peeking on me on the tv.

I went on working out and just laughed it off. It was so hard to legitamize this experience. As actual reality. But it left an after effect imprint on my brain.

This was the only alien I have seen. A similar thing on tv happened years ago just as clear may be a commercial I just perceived wrong.

But I swear but the universes good senses I saw Al Jazeera network news pop briefly with a woman reporter. I know phenomen occurs to many that can not be proven as valid. That funny little grey alien wtf I would had to have super fast with a camera because little dude peeked at me then vanished.

I had one appear like that standing on a bed… they do that. They can be actual beings or holograms…
And it’s also possible someone has inserted things into tv shows, just a quick flash to play games with people. they do use subliminal messages where they run images really fast so you can’t consciously see them but your brain subconsciously picks up on them and stores the memory…so it could be that too… probably that with the Al Jazeera network woman reporter.

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Hi e lunaseer. So you had one like physically standing on a bed? I can’t say one of my experiences like that were as sound as todays however I had hallunicated or something in a dream alternate universe I could control levitation with my mind lifting myself off a bed while laying. It was funky because I wasn’t in a sense alone a malevolent force was communicating to from another point in space.

It was not pleasant however I was off my meds during that time so ANYTHING can appear. I do no not believe other people should ridicule each other for their beliefs of what they see.

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Way to perpetuate people’s delusions @e_lunaseer.


Lol cool. They are way ahead of the game…good thing they like us.

I hardly call greys a delusion. Even my pastor talks about the possibility. The powers that be are fulling no one except for the people who don’t want believe.

We don’t know enough about physics to determine how the move about…they are quite friendly I assure you. Really helped me out of a bind once.

Folks, discussion of symptoms is one thing. Perpetuation of them, quite another.

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