That awkward moment November 2019

When a friend,on Facebook, asks what you do for a living… On one hand you know severe mental illness isn’t a crime, but on the other internal stigmatising rears its ugly head


I know the feeling, girls on dating apps like Tinder always ask me that. I just stop responding and delete them.


I don’t use these apps and not looking for a partner anymore.

You could say I don’t work because I’m sick, but I don’t like to discuss it. Then change the subject


Maybe post a picture on your profile wearing one of those sunflower lanyards.

I seem to remember a while back you were talking about them

See them a lot now where I think people who can’t wear masks have them on.

My guess anyway.

Not sure, it’s a difficult one.

If they know you on FB, do they on Twitter?

^ Yes, my s/dau got me one. There are mixed feelings about them . The’ ’ I have ASD ,but I’m special and not disabled’ crowd are not keen on them.

I think it might be worth wearing. People know what they are now more.

Don’t worry about these other people who’re glad they have a Neurodevelopment Disorder. They’re ass holes.

Assuming you’re referring to the type that make YouTube videos about how special they are?

When I got diagnosed I watched some of these proud ASD people’s videos, and it made me vomit in my mouth as to how proud they were to have this label.

To me it’s just another thing to compensate for, and not a defining characteristic

Certainly those-yes, and even worse the ‘next stage of human evolution’ crowd. For me it’s something that due to the time taken to get a dx , and the lack of support for, has resulted in an abject failure to fulfil any potential I might’ve had.

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I unfriended a 35 year old woman because she made me feel uncomfortable . She asked to see a photo of me. That’s fair enough . She then started saying ‘Would you like to be with me’ Like- WTF did that come from?!

Where are these people, as I am not really connected to anyone with ASD other than this forum

I tried to go on Wrong Planet, but I found the forum software to be a bit dated and harder to use than this one

Could we worse, try working in insurance.

“What do you do for a living?”

“Oh, I’m an insurance broker.”

[ hostile change to body language and face ]

I’m thinking of telling people I’m a serial killer and I’m getting my own series on Netflix instead.


Not proud of it, but not ashamed of it, either. I’m just me. I will say that it leaves me feeling like a lot of people around me are broken because they can’t process and link information the way I do. You get tired of waiting people for catch up and eventually see what you saw at a glance. Very frustrating.

I can relate to this a lot, especially from when I worked in an office. It used to be incredibly tiring when I had to explain things that are simple to me in terms of getting the picture, but complex to others. Lost count of how many times I used to have to go over things in such detail, when if I was just able to produce the work, it would have been done much, much quicker.

This skill works well for me from a planning perspective, but as soon as you start adding in people from other areas, things get super complicated really quickly.

A few times I got in trouble for being rude to people on email especially, as it used to frustrate me so much dealing with the stupidity of others who make mistakes, as I frequently had to give up my weekends to fix serious issues with the companies software portal caused by carelessness.

(Rude may be the wrong word, but I was to blunt and direct - was told off for this for my whole 6 years with that company!)

Never got one apology for it, people expected me to fix stuff even though I had much higher level work to do than focusing on operational problems.

Now I will be continuing my self-employment, and not have to deal with other people so much. I admit the company could have its benefits sometimes, but now I am in control of my own projects, and I do the best job I can for my customers - without all the background pain of office politics!

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They turn up on WP from time to time. No doubt elsewhere as well. To echo @MrSquirrel it’s not something to be ashamed or proud of. It is something that’s frustrating re the lack of recognition and therefore lack for. It’s like a car with the potential to do 0-60 mph in 3.5 seconds ,but the car’s running on substandard tyres .

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Another one just unfriended . We’ve made about 3 comments each and she says ‘When did you last have sex?’ . Yes I’ve spoken about that here , but I’ve known people here a heck of lot longer than I’d known her.