That awkward moment on Facebook

When you’re asked what job you do. You say you’re on disability , and the question’s asked again . The feeling of shame when asked, whether on FB or elsewhere . You can bury the thought you’re no good for never having had a job, but there’s always someone bringing that thought back up to the surface .


You help the sz community by keeping everyone up to date with relevant info.
I bet that’s way more useful than what many high iq wankers who only know how to brandish test results on facebook are doing.


I didn’t realize how meaningful doing a stupid volunteer job was until my family stopped taking me on trips. I didn’t seem to get anywhere in life but they obviously respected me more.

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When someone ask me about my job, I say that I’m a housewife, because I think that being on disability is not my job. It’s only my situation and I choose if I talk about it or not.


Unfortunately most of humanity lives in cultures where we are identified by our role in society. Asking what someone does is one of the first questions someone will ask. Our jobs often become our identity.

I very much dislike that. It perpetuates the stigma that people who are disabled don’t have a role in society. You offer a lot to the forum, and I personally find it to be noble and of value. It may not seem like much to someone on the outside, but in our exclusive world of psychosis and other challenges it is huge.

Back to the point of the thread, whenever someone I dont know asks me whatv I do for a living I always come up with something wild. I had people convinced that I was a world renowned koala bear expert who was traveling through town to do a health check on the local zoo’s koala bears. I am good at going off the cuff and improvising when Im having fun with it.


I get why people ask. What you do 8 hours of the day is sort of a big deal, and most people do something. The problem isn’t the question, it’s that the answer feels bad.


Good thing now that no one talks to me on fb except family since I was psychotic and wrote grandiose and non sense like I am the next Jesus and that jews will kill me, all presidents are clones and controlled by illuminati, I will cure cancer, etc Many deleted me. I had over 800 friends, now 144 mostly family.

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When I started with my delusions I was involved in the complaint of the “chemtrails”.Some soldiers added me to Facebook and even today there is a military man who follows me on Facebook.This I believe in my persecution mania and ended up admitted to the hospital.Facebook made me paranoid.


I have the opposite problem. The whole world ignores me like I dont exist. Can’t get more than 0-7 friends on Facebook. Most i ever had on Twitter was like 40 followers. Instagram zero. Website meh. Friends or girlfriends in real life zero.

Only problem i had was the military was at my psychiatric hospital, which triggered me constantly and made me scared. I thought they would go to VA or something instead of a private hospital, but what do I know…it scared me to death because of my 5+ inpatient visits in 2015. I love and respect the military, but i believe there are a few bad apples working for the government.

My former therapist Ryan had a Military camo bag and I thought it was odd and stuff like he was a wolf in sheep’s clothing. The mental hospital was so bad like the CEO Nicole would do saunces and satanic crap there or allowed it. Then there were the occasional white supremacist, people who should be in prison instead, and then of course the drug addicts, which were worse. I thought i was going to be ‘disappeared’ aka taken outside the country and killed. I thought it went all the way up to the highest levels of government back in 2015ish. Im sure that part is true.

Luckily, they fired most of the staff 5 times over, the new ones are good, i don’t get bad flashbacks from past lives, and they’re Christian, which means something to me.

I guess I think im constantly being monitored due to my online posts and YouTube videos. I notice my phone gets hacked constantly like fox news and cnn lose the https connection and my vpn years ago was intercepted I think. I never did anything but I think it goes back to 2014ish at the earliest. Probably something I posted while psychotic. I dont know. I noticed the paranoia got worse when I moved in with my dad a few years back.

I sometimes think I’m being ignored due to alien computer code and matrix level programming designed to keep me safe and out of harms way because of all the bad stuff that happened to me in past incarnations.

I even thought my Chinese psychiatrist was an mk ultra doctor but I dont know. I doubt it.

At least there was the occasional diamond in the ruff aka pretty girl at the hospital lol.

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Yeah man, you could easily say you do volunteer work for a mental health organization. That is my amswer now that i stopped working.


I also believed that my phone was monitored and that I was myself an mk ultra and my pdoc my deprogrammer


I get asked this question a lot thorough out the days that have pasted. I tell them simply

" The job I had was a government contract, and I'm never allow to discuss it."

The only sad part of that response for me is that is it is true.

I might have to go on disability due to worsening of my condition. If the pdoc and the social worker tell me to stop at work, i think i have to be straight if asked, and answer something like this.

“My neuro-psychiatric condition / ilness makes it very difficult to maintain a steady job”
“I was told to go on disability due to my neuro-psychiatric condition/ilness.”

I don’t know why, but people tend to respect the word “neurological” more then “psychiatric”

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The nearest I got to a job was as an inpatient and day patient doing basic assembly line work in the late 70s and early 80s . They paid you £4 max a week .as above that you lost some of your benefits.

Rethinking Post-war Mental Health Care: IndustrialTherapy and the Chronic Mental Patient in Britain

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I’m in the same situation.In the hospital where I work they don’t know where to place myself.I have lost capacities,concentration and I don’t do my tasks properly.I think that they are going to offer me to ask for disability.
I take 6 benzos a day plus seroquel and abilify and I can’t read a book or long texts so it’s very difficult to work as an administrator.

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