Thanks to the mods

I feel the mods get a lot of hate on a daily basis so I wanna bring some positivity and say thank you for the work you put into the forum! Though people complain I usually only see them shut down threads that are inflammatory/involving people fighting as well as threads that are blatantly triggering others and leading them further into delusional thinking, so I think they do a good job. Before you get upset and snap at them think if your thread was doing these things.

Thanks guys!! (More like gals, really lol)


Do it for the mods! Lol

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there are guys too. like szadmin and jayster and… szadmin :confused:

I can’t think of all the dudes, but they are there. :wink: :dark_sunglasses:

The majority are ladies tho right?

Didn’t know jayster was a mod! Wow, gods among us bahaha

inb4 jayster joins the thread and reads that^

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Well if he does I give thanks to him too :smile:

i dont think they do that much, i think this forum runs itself mostly :wink: lol

I agree. Thanks to the mods. And FYI, Treebeard is a male mod!


technically he is an ent lol


guys, put your bananas in your panties. does gender really matter here?

Answer: no