All you mods are great


I think all mods deserve our thanks for watching over this forum.
@Jayster @Moonbeam @Treebeard @ninjastar @Rhubot
I think that’s all.
Anyway big thanks :+1::ok_hand::metal:


Thank you … thank you … thank you mods! :smile:


I agree. This is probably the best ran forum I have been apart of. :beetle::beetle::beetle:


Thanks! We really appreciate the support!


Hooray mods!!!



I have no problem with any of the mods they do a great job!


The mods are definitely amazingly good for unpaid moderators. How the admins of this site get unpaid volunteers to moderate a site like this so actively is beyond me.

Do they ever ‘abuse’ their privileges? Come on, people, they are humans with human frailties. Almost all humans do that from time to time. You would have to pay a lot of money for a professional who has mostly trained that out of themselves.

Again, the mods do an amazing job for human, unpaid mods of a forum this active.


Yes, good topic, thanks you guys.


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