Time to think..oh,no

All you moderator haters.Knock it off. They do a whole lot of work and are taken for granted. Many people get triggered by stuffso they try to “protect” us. We all come from different backgrounds, ages, religions or none…there are lots of things someone could post and negatively trigger another. They are here to help and protect the forum as a family and not just sensor for no reason. So, I think we should be thankful to them and let them know they are appreciated!


Its easy being a moderator though

Tbh I’ve been treated less than great by mods but I don’t understand the spike in hatred towards them?

Like everybody needs to chill. The mods aren’t going anywhere. And I genuinely believe that they are trying their best. Sure they’re gonna do things we don’t all agree with. But they are humans and so is everyone else here they can’t please everyone.

So really let’s all just chill out yo.


Its that patrick guy that makes trouble.

The rest of us dont really make trouble

1 sour fish brings the rest down


Tbh I’ve just been very confused by all these mod posts? I haven’t been on much but every time I come back it seems like there’s another post about “don’t hate the mods”

So I just figured the mod hate posts were getting deleted or something??

But either way everybody needs to try to be nice to each other.

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