Terrible memory and concentration?

My current meds have done wonders with the delusions/hallucinations. Problem is I have awful concentration. I can watch about 20mins of a film but then have to stop. I go to another movie and same thing - 20 mins then stop.

When I come back to the movie I can’t remember a single thing.

Is poor concentration a negative symptom and if so what med/therapy is best to improve it?

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I have zero concentration and poor memory. The new star wars movie is coming out soon, and I was always a star wars fan, but know I won’t be able to see it in the cinema.

Abilify is keeping me sane, but I do feel it’s making concentration / memory worse.

It’s not as bad as you describe, i.e. completely forgetting what’s happened in a movie, but that could be a concentration issue not a memory issue.

If I listen to a podcast, I tend to not remember much of it, but because I wasn’t concentrating on it in the first place.

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I’m exactly the same way. 20 mins and then I can’t concentrate anymore.


I got some Big Bang theory DVDs. Each episode is 21mins long so can handle them. But movies are a no show.

The only show I can pay attention to is Dr. Jeff rocky mountain vet. But I mostly pay attention for the reptiles. I usually can’t pay attention to tv and movies.

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I have gotten all the Big Bang Theory DVD’s out of our library to watch when I feel unfocused and blue. Wonderful for that.

Another thing I do is when I have got a book on my E-reader, I will buy the audio version also, and then I can read along the book while the audio version is playing. (It’s like learning to read all over again.)… I’m working on Will and Ariel Durant’s 11 volume The Story of Civilization that way and have such an easy time concentrating and reading that I have learned a great deal of history and have lots to think about and relate to current events.

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Man, watch one movie at a time that would solve it. Also don’t get too concerned with concentration problems, as long as you are capable of living a fairly normal life you are doin good. Chill.

My concentration is a lot worse, I often repeat whole conversations a second time to my psychiatrist, I know because he tells me, you already said that, and often times he tells me it is almost word for word.