Tensing up, anxiety, posture

i have this problem where i am tense in certain areas of my body and it causes me a lot of problems,

i think it is anxiety related and causes me a lot of stress and i am not normally aware of this tension because i guess i have just learnt how to try and live with it.

it affects my posture and walking and causes me health problems that is really uncomfortable and limits my ability,

does anyone else experience this?

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There are times when my body is tensed up like I’m getting ready for a car crash. Only I’m not in the car. I know it’s one of the physical signs that I’m sinking into a panic attack.

its always there for me and it has always been there since the start of all my problems,

i have tried to get rid of it unsuccessfully for years and although its not as bad now it is still bad,

i dont stand up straight the way i should because my legs and back are all tense and shoulders
and my butt as well, because of this i get pains in my legs and ankles and also my butt,

actually my butt is the worse as i get a lot of pain and discomfort there because its always so tense and it has given me piles which i need ointment for.

my breathing isnt very good either but still a bit better than what it used to be and i’m not thinking about it as much now either.

I get muscle tension, I live with it. Xanax takes the edge off, I am prescribed Xanax but take less than prescribed, for a number of reasons, mainly I don’t want to be on a controlled substance every waking moment of my life, which is what my prescription legally permits me to do.

It helps for me to lift weights, heavy weights, and to set aside time to relax and talk to friends. Sex is great for relieving my tension, but lately I have been a little whore and I’ve decided that the next time I have sex, I want it to mean something, not just be mutual masturbation, what my shrink calls casual sex.

Anxiety still affects me. I have anxiety separate from schizophrenia. I feel anxious most mornings and exhausted most evenings, but I power through it. I just remind myself of what I have been through and how strong I am today, literally as an athlete and also mentally as a high functioning paranoid schizophrenic.

You learn to live with it. This morning I woke up early and have been having flashbacks to my unmedicated days, which were at their worst at this time last year. A year ago to this day, I was drinking non-stop, I was a highly functioning ragining alcoholic and I was on ZERO prescription medications. I was done with finals a week early last year, and I was drinking already at 11am, I put whiskey in my coffee every morning, played video games, went to the gym, drank a ton of water, then drank a fifth of fireball whiskey, acted like a village idiot and went to bed. I didn’t get hangovers because I was dependent on alcohol, I got a headache and chills if I DIDNT have booze in me.

Anxiety sucks, but it doesn’t mean you are worthless unless you let it win. Every morning I wake up anxious as hell. I still eat, take my meds, get in the car and go to school and do my best. Its a more rewarding life to have problems but to defeat them.

I daydream about what kind of person I would have been if it werent for my mental problems- probably a military officer, thats were I was headed, full steam ahead until schizophrenia struck me at 18 1/2. I was about to join ROTC but I was forced into the shrink and psychiatrists offices by my parents and was told that I was in a major depressive episode and that I was not fit for service, and to not waste my time applying for ROTC. What they didnt know was that I had schizophrenia and they mistook my demeanor for major depression- a very common mistake, I now know after taking honors abnormal psychology.

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I used to have really bad anxiety and I know what you mean about feeling tense. When I would lay in bed at night my muscles would tense. My pdoc prescribed Lexapro for my anxiety and I’ve noticed a big difference. I no longer get panic attacks and my worrying has greatly reduced. I was on Klonopin for years and that only masked the symptoms. It was like putting a bandaid on the situation when I really needed stitches. The only side effect I’ve noticed is sexual so I can live with that. Good luck to you.


its great people are getting medication for this, i didnt know, well i knew but i guess i dont want to take any more meds,

i probably wrongly think that it will affect my mental health or dumb me down again like the last med i was on did and i think thats why i havent asked for it yet idk

if i could get something that could stop me tensing up and fix my posture then i am all for it, its all probably anxiety related isnt it.

I feel tense quite a lot mostly at night. I worry that if i go to sleep feeling like this i won’t wake up.

I have had a lot of anxiety my whole life. After long periods of time, your body starts remembering the 'fight or flight" response. I started doing a LOT of stretching. Massage is also great if you can afford it. Maybe twice a month for me. I also take clonazapaem when I need it

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i tried a massage and it was very nice but afterwards the tension came back, its like with the relaxation cd i had that helped me relax, it would only last a while and then the tension came back, it never lasts.

I usually feel tense in work. My upper back starts getting stiff along with my arms. My chest also tenses up and it feels like I’m going to have a heart attack.

**Yeah-know what you mean, but you really have to make a commitment to do it over the long haul. Takes awhile-like working out or excercising :smile: **

try meditating, yoga ( which i don’t do ), just walking in nature and remember to breath deeply.
i spray this organic magnesium oil on areas of my body that i have problems with back , knees ( playing rugby when young ) etc…it is amazing and has helped me no end.
take care