Tell me what I’m doing wrong

:frowning: i’m trying to be nice

i don’t think you doing anything wrong… maybe the spamming about the IQ tests was a bit over the top but you not doing that now anymore… so i don’t know what you could be doing wrong…

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You need to create your own thread for advise like before and comment only in that, instead of spamming the forum with multiple posts. You are asking the same questions multiple times. You either A. don’t want to accept the answers or B. You are forgetting what answers you’ve gotten in the past.

If A, I’m sorry if you are struggling in accepting your diagnosis. Fortunately, your medical team and those physically in your life know more about you and your diagnosis than us random strangers on the internet. You need to try to think that if multiple people in your life are telling you something, there may be a grain of truth to what they are saying. Questioning yourself at this stage of your diagnosis is normal and healthy. But you will need to put trust in your doctors and family at some point or things will not get better for you. You might not get worse, but you will not get better until you accept treatment and that you need help, even if you don’t know what that might be.

If B, it is better you create your own thread, like you have before. So if you don’t remember what you posted or asked on the forum, you can easily scroll through it and see what you asked and what people said in response.


Problem is her previous help threads kept getting shut down because of attacks from other members

This isn’t the @Crystal-Cotton show here at

Stop making a ton of threads,

Be nice to other members when they answer your questions,

Participate in other people’s threads.

It’s not hard, oy vey.

Oh, and we can’t diagnose you so stop asking us to do that.


I think you’re OK Cotton…

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Do you like Math @Crystal-Cotton ?

If you look at why her old threads were locked, it was mainly because she was arguing with and insulting other members. That was why.

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I don’t mind that you post a lot of threads and ask the same questions repeatedly. But I understand that it annoys some people.


Yes I do like math

I just think my diagnosis is wrong

Do you like math @Crystal-Cotton

what do you think your diagnosis should be?

ocd or anxiety disorder

I get that. That’s a good question to ask the people who really know you, like your doctor, because they know you better than we do! I encourage you to start a crystal help thread like before. You got a lot of responses before with that. You might have better success than having them all locked as spamming. It’s just a suggestion if you are upset they are being locked.

I do the same as you Cotton. I write quite a few similar threads. Simply because I have similar topics running through my head so I like to continue discussions with a slight difference to the topic. Not sure if that is what you do, I haven’t been keeping up with all the threads.

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