I really need to get IQ tested

I’m feeling insecure

Then get it done and stop talking about it every 5 minutes


What you really need to do is quit making threads about IQ.

This is like the fifth one.

You can’t base your value on an IQ score,

You need to focus on something else.


How to get it done?

posting more topics about IQ will not get things done though =p

Phone your local politician !

Getting kind of annoyed with these threads and I don’t annoy easily. Just get it done if you think it will add value to your life. I guarentee it won’t unless you are just doing it for bragging rights. Many of us have high IQs and we struggle just the same. You need to worry more about getting your sz under control.

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I don’t have sz

Then why are you on here? This is for people with sz/sza

because my friend invited me here

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I have autism im sorry i dont understand you

Please stop spamming the forum with IQ threads.

I’m not spamming

but you are creating a lot of topics on the same thing though =/

Yes, you are. This is like your 5th IQ thread in 2 days. No one cares. Just let it go

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Yes. Because I need to

I’m sure there are forums for people with autism. Maybe you need to find one of those.

I don’t want to be on those forums

Well if you don’t have sz this is not the right place for you.

My doctor suspects i have sz …

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