Tell me the reasons to be happy

Tell me the reasons you are happy

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Because you are here on the forum. You are the reason i am happy!!


You have to find your own reasons.
Simple things like enjoying a nice cup of coffee make me happy, and more complex things like my religious beliefs.
I also have hobbies I enjoy, like painting.
Going out for a nice walk or bike ride is also a reason to be happy.


@Feather_moon you’ve said you are depressed. But does your life has light points?

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Yes it has…,…

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tell me what is it?

I can play starcraft that’s the reason I should be happy … I want to feel and be felt :confused:

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Why do not you just go to groups where other people have ever experienced a psychosis?
maybe you’ll meet someone. And if it doesn’t work out. You can always play starcraft

I am not happy riding a bike or having coffe I like to play Starcraft but it doesn’t make me happier

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There is no groups where I live I only could meet people if I go day program hospital , but I don’t want be near I’ll i feel quite good , I will be depressed there and I can’t I work

sometimes you have to bite through the sour apple. It does not matter what you do. but you can look up your limits. I do too.

I don’t have limits , you have limits only becouse your mind is telling you this

hahaha interesting.
Then why are you unable to change your life?

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Its springtime…little flowers…happy dogs…sunshine

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Becouse I don’t want I have good life I am just not happy . I need to be pro player. … but I don’t think that would make me happier :confused:

My mind is limited you are right but I believe I am limitless

I don’t like dogs sorry they bark … flowers are nice :+1: what should I do with this sunshine ?

man, you’re stuck in thought patterns. Go ahead with a more realistic thought. then we can talk. The moment you are involved with for example professional sport while you have a psychotic vulnerability. Then you will live a difficult life.

I am mentally strong

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