Tell me something good!

I’ve been to and graduated from college, marched in the Rose Bowl parade, lived in the Bay Area, been wine tasting in Napa, run a business, had a great career up until the crash. I wasn’t diagnosed with SZ until age 45 or so. Raised 2 kids, had horses, chickens, travelled to Disney World, Bahamas, Ireland, London, Paris, Rome, Venice, Swizerland, Aruba.

Is there anybody else out there like me? Any happy people out there? talk to me! :slight_smile:

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It’s only Wednesday and the stock market has already made up for last weeks losses.


Wow you’ve really accomplished a lot. I’ve been to six colleges and I’m only 30! I’ve been to West Africa and Canada. I’ve lived at the Jersey shore for eight years. I am pretty happy. I’m starting a relationship with a great guy and doing well in school. Good luck to you.


I’m not like you in that I’m 29, male, lived in Seattle all my life, love to swim and surf. When I was 11 my kid sis was born and she is my side kick. She is almost 18 and lives with me as she works as a lifeguard and starts college.

Most likely had my first psychotic episode when I was 5. Ended up on drugs, ended up homeless, got help, got my head out of my butt, my kid sis really pulled me through some hard times.

Got back on meds, into therapy, got a better job as a gardener, got my own apartment with my sis, a very nice neighbor moved in and now I have a friend. I’m on my second quarter of college ever.

I’m learning how to take care of myself, I’m learning how to self-manage, and I’m pretty amazingly happy with how life is going for me at the moment. I still have glitch days, my head circus still acts up, but I’m learning how to get back up if this illness knocks me down.

For the past year or more, each day has been mostly better then the day before it.
I’m nothing like you, but I am happy and getting stronger every day.


thank you for sharing, nice to hear good positive things