Spirits can totally time travel


How you do that dude?

“Why my young half animal friend i’ll tell you. Your universe has mechanics as any other, the mechanics can be negated, added to, taken away from, etc… We could say encase your entire house and everything in it would begin to function backwards entirely, of course we won’t do this because it would splinter your psyches, let’s face it if a cockroach scared you then your universe and bodily functions going in reverse would be quite the terror.” They said.

They continue: "We’re immortal, hence we have forever, check it fool. If we wanted to we could show up in every single person’s life on the exact same day. You’d all be talking about some guy that showed up literally everyway on earth on the same day. Now i put it to you my little idiot half animal friend, what if this mystery individual was indeed dressed up in a clown suit? And what if said individual walked up to every single person on earth at the exact same time and simply asked “do you like cheese?”

So everyone on earth would begin to talk about this clown that asked every single one of them at the same time if they enjoyed cheese.

yeah, time travel, making available the most awesome jokes anyone has ever heard.


Cheese is a kind of meat, a tasty yellow beef, I try to be discreet, I eat it from my feet…sha…cheese’n’ rice I forgot the words.

I hate that those clowns still show up, dog intact, whistles tweeeet’n and they reach right into the safe because they don’t need the code. Nothing is safe, so you sit on it, when they can’t locate you, they swing the electrical cords around and twirl away.

I don’t get it. No habla :slight_smile:

That indefinitely unusual. I never got the voices sense of humor. Do you? I can’t tell if they are laughing with us or at us or what?

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The didn’t get it either, but what I heard let me know it was everything it shouldn’t have been, but was.

What kind of cheese?