How is everyone feeling today?

Are u learning more about your disorder? I’m feeling medicated lying in bed feels warm under the covers and cold outside. Getting up is the last thing I want to do. It’s that time again my med supply is getting low and I don’t know how to call it in like I have an anxiety about that. Like what if the doc takes forever or ignores the fax. Anyway that’s how I’m feeling hope you all have a good one

I am feeling good today, LWD, thanks for asking! Bought an electric heater today so now my apartment is warm and cozy. I think you should just call them. Don’t worry about what to say or how they will react, just pick up the phone and call. That is my strategy for dealing with phone calls I am dreading.

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Sore. I slipped on some ice last night and fell hard so I’m taking it easy and licking my wounds. Have a good day y’all!

Confused, racing mind, depressed and negative symptom swing. Bummed but happy to know others are feeling well.

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I just watched a lousy movie called “The Cry”. It was supposed to be scary, and it showed all these close ups of people from different angles like something scary was fixing to happen, and nothing scary happened. Finally, near the end, if got a little scary, but by then I was bored with the movie. Other than that, I’m doing nothing. Just puttering around on my computer. Life ain’t bad.

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Bored, depressed, and wishing I didn’t have to be on any medication. But besides that, Im doing great. :expressionless:

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I’m more or less the same. Hoping maybe one day I can stop the meds.

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Feeling Depressed today as usual.

Our House guest left the House, she is staying with another family member - feeling a bit more relieved.

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I’m good thanks for asking. Just call them!

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This is my second day of not feeling much. I’m not aware enough to keep detailed account of my mood cycles, but there is definitely a cycle. I am usually anxious with varying degrees of halucinations and irritating/damaging deluions…Two days ago I was on the floor of the bedroom screaming at my husband and thinking our marriage was over.(he hadn’t actually done anything wrong) Upon waking the next morning, I was pleasantly numb and have remained so! Voices are minimal, mostly a low mumbling static. I’m not anxious. Feeling subdued…tomorrow will likely be different.

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Like jam on toast.

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I feel like the panda I saw at the zoo today

Content with stuff

But the panda is not on drugs

Panda panda panda

I like pandas

I want to become a panda

Instead everyone wants me to become a psychologist?


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Ha ha, Hello All Wish you all a happy new year. Be good Hedgehog keep active as you a can on your condition.

LWD, Good your better off calling them.

Today I feel depressed and tired mentally. 2015 didn’t ended like I thought it would. I ended up breaking up with my girlfriend just shy of 4 years. Its been a rough 4 years as I struggled with finding myself with relationships, school, and work. My delusions often get in the way and OCD ends up making it worse.

The Break up was over my instabliltiy and she has kids. Which I don’t think would have ended well… I tryed to enjoy the new year by myself at grand park, L.A. But man was that a mistake. I went home and went straight to bed.

So I Texted her back…I think thats my fault.