Tell me all about invega sustenna

Tell me your experience

Listen to your doctors @LovelyCreature


I’ve been on it for almost 3 years and it controls the psychosis.

She offered consta or sustenna and left it up to me. I’m gonna start with consta: -)

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I Sought Clarity Within The Forced Medication Process.

I Found Clarity.

In The Beginning My Body Had to Force Through Silent Trembling.

It Took a Short While And Now I Am Almost Believing That Pill is All Pretend.

But After One Missed Dose, My Body Reminds Me That it is Real.

It Captures The Sphere of Fear And Begins to Give You Enough Space to Analyze The Whole Negative Process.

Ideas of Reference is Still Difficult to Defeat.

But We All Get Bored Every Once in Awhile.

All in All, I Swear (by) it.

But Each Individual is Unique. And Each Body, Spirit, Soul And Mind Flows Differently.

Give it a Month And See Whatcha Find… . … :100:

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no sperm come out when i orgasm since beginning invega

I had akathisia and urges to harm others, which was a brand new thing for me. I had received three shots, and it took about 3 or 4 months after stopping for side effects to stop. Be careful, if you get an injection and have bad side effects, you’re stuck with them for awhile. It takes a lot longer for injected meds to leave your system than pills. I’d try invega in pill form first, and if it doesn’t give you side effects (and some people do well on it, everybody reacts differently) then you can move to the injection. My two cents at least.

I didnt like Invega shots, low libido and energy. I’m much better on Abilify Maintena.

I’ve been on invega a year. My symptoms are so bad that I have to get two shots instead of one. I can tell an immediate difference whenever I get it. So far I have only had weight gain as a side effect. I stopped taking it for 3 months and still gained weight. It works well for me.