Telepathy and Voices

I think I am experiencing telepathy. Other people are talking to me and I hear their voices. I also believe I hear their thoughts. They won’t leave me alone. They make me feel uncomfortable and they tell me to do things. They think I am a really bad person and they tell me that it is all my fault. I have done nothing in my life to deserve that. I know I am not from your world but I need help. Can you tell me where the places are to talk about telepathy? As I don’t know them. Perhaps we can exchange an email or something.

If it was a real telepathy then it wouldn’t hurt,
If it hurts then its a delusion,
Truth doesn’t hurt but it calms,

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Telepathy it’s not possible. These are delusions. You need psychiatric help and medicine. We would be happy to talk to you here, but asking for others info (like email) isn’t appropriate.

This is a forum, the whole point is to talk to each other.



How long has this been going on for? Like LED said u may want to try antipsychotic for this it sounds horrible n antipsychotic may help


I have some problems with telepathy for six years. Other people have invaded my mind and made it hard for me to think. Sometimes I cry because of them. They have been angry with me and given me muscle spasms. I have had to reason with them non stop for years. Now I am with one person who is not good and won’t go away. I am not able to leave him. I am looking for people who encounter problems with telepathy to exchange perhaps an email with or find another place to talk. I don’t know anywhere else to talk apart from here. Can anyone help me?

Are you currently seeing a psychiatrist? Are you taking meds?

These thoughts you are having are delusions. I used to have similar thoughts. That small creatures were responsible for the symptoms of my illness. But it’s just more of the schizophrenia.

I take Haldol and that helps a lot.


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