Anyone else need a tattoo?

I decided that once these scars heal a bit more I’ll need a tattoo to cover my shame. No way I can look for work with the risk of people seeing it. Anyone else try to exit via deep cuts and now pissed off they didn’t realise scars like this don’t ever heal? Is bs…

i tattooed myself when i was 17 to cover up self harm scars, decided to stop after two now i feel no need for a tattoo as alot less people notice the scars than i would think

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I always wanted tatoos but my friends talked me out of getting one. I am thinking getting a branding instead, cause they heal. I had a lot of burns on my arms due to working on the oven in the bakery.


I have 9 tattoos and tomorrow I’m gonna have the 10th


What are you getting?

I’ve got a scar on my left wrist. I began cutting after my mom died. You can’t notice it unless I point it out.

Probably this one


Thats awesomesauce.

I want a tattoo in the form of a husky with his name, there are options, and I reviewed the mass, nothing suits

I don’t feel the need to cover up my cutting scars because I’m scared I’ll just cut again (but hopefully not). However, I have been wanting a phoenix on the shoulder blade.

Or this one?


I forgot what your others tats are (I remember the dark throne one). From what I remember the 1st tat would probably go better with what you have

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Yes, that’s my choice too. The black sun-face. Tomorrow, if I go, i will upload the new one

I’ve always wanted this one

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I don’t need another tattoo, but I’d love to have the solar system on my right forearm.

I really like the idea of a tattoo in the sense that I can have a personal reminder stamped on me. However I’m a wimp for the pain especially if I later want it removed, and also I don’t even like pen ink on me.

Yes, I always need another tattoo. The only self-harm scar I have is a burn on my right upper arm, from where I held a match until it burned out, when I was 17. I’m not looking to get that scar covered; I’m afraid the plan to distract from it with a tattoo would backfire, make it more noticeable.

I have self harm scars on my left arm that are finally starting to fade. I’m going to keep them as a reminder of what it feels like to explain to my poor mother why I did it.

But I’d love a few bird tattoos.

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