Tattoo thread!

Post your tattoos! And any meaning or how you decided to get it

Here’s one of my favorites, my rattoo

It’s of my first rat Jasper. He lived a long time




I dont have any tattoos but i do like the rat tattoo

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My goodness, that’s some serious artwork!

Mine are nothing compared to that lol!

I have 6 small ones. Here’s 3…

The paw is from an actual clay cast of my beloved Maine Coon Mondo Kitty’s paw.

I regret that one because everyone who sees it starts up a conversation about my dog. Nope. Just a huge cat, and now that he’s passed away it’s still painful when strangers comment.

He used to rest his paw there over my wrist, which is why I put it there, but it’s in such an obvious place, and I hate long sleeved shirts, so…

The wedding band is self explanatory. I hate wearing rings, so i had one done

The heart I got when I was 19 and lost in bulimia that would still take several years to recover from. A reminder to love myself at a time when I really didn’t.

I have Shmookitty’s paw print tattooed over my heart, and a Canadian maple leaf over my navel. Not showing those on the internet lol

The sixth one is a bracelet on my right ankle that I hate. It’s half faded and I don’t get it fixed. It’s a link of red infinity loops with barbed wire and four rune symbols. I had it done at 18 and I’m a way different person now

I don’t mind tattoos on other people at all but I won’t get more myself.


DNA between my shoulders:

I just think it’s a beautiful structure, and it’s amazing to think how it’s the blueprint for everything living.

Apparently, new users can only imbed one picture per post, so that’s it for this post! :smiley:


Watercolor cat on my arm:
I love cats and thought it was cool. :slight_smile:

I have many ideas for new tattoos, just can’t agree with myself about exactly what to get and where to place them. :slight_smile:




You’re all a bad influence on me!




I love the Taz! :blush:very cool

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Thanks @joker :slightly_smiling_face:

Tassie from cartoon he is Tasmanian devil cartoon who talks funny.


Joker has been immortalised!!



man, you guys are great to have tattoos…I’m too afraid I’ll try to remove them myself if I ever get delusional again…so I am without any tattoos.


@Joker i love that one! That may be my favorite of all the ones you’ve shown! Looks great!

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Thanks @Shmookitty :slight_smile: Hope your doing well today

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I have 17 tattoos, though none of them are very big.

This is my left leg kinda half-sleeve, but can I really use the word “sleeve” when it’s on my leg? Lol more like a legging. You may be able to tell it was not planned. It started with the X-face tattoo and built up from there. Twelve tattoos there.

I’m not happy with the notes, other than liking the purple color. The X-face is a Mushroomhead (band) logo, also an A Perfect Circle (band) logo above it. Below it is a treble clef that contains a bass clef within it. I’m all about music. The throwing stars pay homage to my all-time favorite TV show, a brilliant show called Upright Citizens Brigade (aired 1998-2000). The paw print is a tribute to my dear departed cat, Tubby. The roses are just an idea I came up with that I thought would look good, and I think it came out looking great. The black husky was the Michigan Tech University husky when I was a student there. The plane is a memorial tattoo for my dad; he was nuts about planes.

I have the Detroit Tigers olde English D on my right calf:

Tattoo below is on the back of my right shoulder, a symbol of my struggles with the bipolar side of my schizoaffective:

I also have a psi on the back of my left shoulder (mirror pic) as a symbol of psychosis:


I’m a huge Detroit Lions fan, right side of chest. It’s done in black because it’s a coverup.

This below was my first tattoo, left side of my chest. I hate the way “mom” and the dates look, want to cover those up while preserving the ribbon. Someday I will.

Holy ■■■■ y’all, a lot of tattoos! I have ideas for two big ones for my back, as well as for that partial coverup on the mom tattoo, but I need my money for more important stuff right now.

Lol I have one more tattoo, but the server won’t let me upload more pics on this post.


This is the other tattoo, an abbreviated structure of dopamine, part of my legging.


Wow those are amazing tattoos I’ve always loved tattoos


Thanks. I was 34 when I got my first one, ten years ago. It’s been about two years since my last tattoo (throwing stars), crazy for me to go that long without getting inked. I mean, I was averaging two tattoos per year age 34-42.

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