Taste test-Tesco venison grillsteak

Rubbery and disgusting, a big disappointment. Bought several venison products to try as they were reduced in price and now regretting the decision.
What have you tried recently and was it a culinary hit or miss?


I was VERY leery of this one…

Paparoti is a Mexican coffee bun… slightly sweet but not too much. My gran used to make them all the time…

I was in a Vietnamese Bakery in China Town…

They were selling Mexican coffee buns… leery… But I tried one.

WOW. Very delicious. Even a little nicer then what my gran would make. These were softer and had a bit more flavor. (Sorry gran)

Never would have expected a Vietnamese Bakery in China town to do great Mexican buns. I love living in my city.


I am on a new diet for me - I am eating more vegetables, usually frozen - but still very healthy and less animal flesh - I will be eating chicken and fish on rare occasion - getting my protein from sources like eggs, legumes, beans, dairy etc…
I recently decided to try okra - and I really liked the experience, as long as they are covered up with plenty of hot sauce- but I did enjoy them

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The grillsteak was a venison/pork hybrid a posher but not so nice thing as http://www.dalepak.co.uk/dalepak.asp make.

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@SurprisedJ I like the sound of that coffee bun.

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I made a nice hamburger-vegetable dish for lunch called “Hungarian Beef”. Definitely a hit.
Dinner tonight will be chicken drumsticks and a big glass of milk.

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bambi wants to know where her best friend is…
" come back my friend…" bambi said crying…!?!
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