Tardive dyskinesia

TD sucks and hurts when I get anxiety and very scary… I had to call an ambulance about it last night

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I’m sorry you’re having such a rough time lately. I hope things turn around for you.


Sorry you’re struggling, I hope you can get on a new AP and feel better.

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@Natron @everhopeful thanks guys

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What happened after you called an ambulance? What does your body do when your TD kicks in? Did you go to hospital? Did they give you something for it?

@ZmaGal they let me lay there for a few minutes and I said I was okay after my fiance got there.

My tongue goes into spasms and stretches out of my mouth and my mouth locks in an open position.

No I didn’t go to the hospital and no they didn’t give me anything

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That sounds scary. Do you take any meds for it? Or do you just have to suffer?

@ZmaGal they took me off the med that keeps it from happening but I restarted it last night

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That’s great! What med helps you?

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About 30 years ago, I had the beginnings of TD. I seem to have nipped it in the bud, however.


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@ZmaGal benztropine I think it’s called

@Jayster how?

I take benztropine too. It definitely helps me

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@ZmaGal it’s a good med… I think it makes me a little… hyper ish though? Idk but I do know I’d rather be hyper than td

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It actually calmed my nerves down. It helps me a lot. Without it I can barely focus or sit still. Even with it I still get like that just not as severe

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@ZmaGal glad it works for you and for me

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I had tremors in my eyes and akathisia from Latuda. Benzatropine 2-4mg stopped it but took 20 min to work so switched to another ap, no more side effects.

ask your doc aboput a #drug holiday 4321

thats scary, hopefully your alright. td is rare side affect on my ap, thanks god i dont have it, i got scared.

@oe1489 @gcar @Aziz @ZmaGal @Jayster @Natron @everhopeful

My body metabolism is very slow so I’m more likely to have side effects.

@Aziz latuda is what started my td.

@gcar ???

@oe1489 I know and it is scary


Its a medical term used by doctors. It implies a supervised ofcourse going off of the ap for a period of time to make the td go away then starting the cycle back up all over again